picture of a bathroom after a remodeling

Currently, San Jose California has become a character of home advancement programs as homeowners look to gain home values ​​and take advantage of the rising real estate market. One approach to raising the value of your San Jose estate is to remodel your bathroom to expand, modernize, or add comfort to your existing area.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover the right upgrades to achieve your trendy vibes bathroom goals.

The first best way to attain your bathroom goals is to invest in a modern bathroom appliance. The last few years have witnessed rapid growth in smart home devices. Today, they’re a must-have for homeowners not just to have a modernized lavatory but also to be convenient and for an effective way of keeping an eye on and protecting their kids.

That said, there are some brilliant household gadgets that many homeowners may not instantly think about, such as innovative bathroom technology. Smart bathroom gadgets can bring convenience, safety, less waste, better health, and lower prices.


It’s high-tech time in our toilets. Several new models are changing the way we walk.

Here are just a few of the notable new toilet features:

  • A toilet that does not require hands or paper. 
  • Self-cleaning toilets and antibacterial bedding — a dream come true for germaphobes.
  • A motion sensor for raising and lowering toilet lids.
  • Reduce water waste and lower your bill with a low-flow toilet that uses minimal water each time you flush. It’s environmentally friendly.


The easiest way to refurbish a modern bathroom is to install a new high-tech bathroom faucet. Today’s innovative technology makes many digital and electronic faucets available to homeowners. Whether it’s a vanity fixture or a bidet mixer, you’ll find hi-tech ideas to choose from.

In addition to striving to be tech-savvy, we also want to be environmentally conscious. Digital faucets are a great way to save water and energy.

Here are some of the features you can expect from a digital faucet:

  • Save money and water by reducing faucet flow and digital temperature control settings.
  • Infrared faucet technology “reads” the user and turns off when it detects that a hand is not under the faucet.
  • Programmable features such as timed shower settings or brushing teeth run at specific timeframes.
  • Touchless automation.


Designers see a strong trend toward new versions of bathtubs. They’re throwing stand-up showers down the drain and replacing them with stand-alone shower styles. 

This is what you can expect from your new tub:

  • Many different types of bathtubs
  • Many other sizes, colors, and materials
  • Easier placement
  • More accessible bathing for young children
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Can control the amount of water used

If you plan to remodel your bathroom, consider adding some of these great features. Learn how to upgrade your bathroom with expert lighting, underfloor heating, and more. These popular bathroom upgrades require a small investment, but the payoff is a luxurious oasis you’ll love.


A dimmer allows you to adjust the lighting to provide full lighting when you need it, or to provide soft ambient lighting when bathing. Set different moods and offer flexibility.

Additional lights can also be placed around mirrors and recessed areas to illuminate specific needs such as shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup. Most modern bathrooms have moved away from sterile central lighting in favor of lighting options specific to different tasks. 

So, what benefits to expect from great lighting in the bathroom:

  • Reduces energy bills
  • highlight the features of the room
  • Better safety
  • High illumination
  • Increases the value of the home


When remodeling or redecorating a room, you want to make sure all the essentials are within reach. Maintain a modern look and give your bathroom a more spacious feel with recessed shelves and cabinets to store your everyday essentials. 

Here are the benefits you get with the addition of built-in shelves.

  • An effective option for adding storage without sacrificing space.
  • Options to customize the theme
  • Easy to organize.
  • Keep your items safe and secure


Vanity tops, which consist of just a sink and an attached mirror, provide functionality to any bathroom. Makes it easier to wash your hands anytime, look in the mirror in the middle of a party, or get ready in the morning.

But sometimes vanity is inadequate. You may want to acquire your own exclusive space ready when you share a bathroom with others also if you’re flying solo and want to make the most of the available space. there is. Either way, a double vanity can take your area from a good level to an even better one. 

The following benefits show why you should have one in your bathroom.

  • Save time and minimize stress
  • Improve the aesthetics of your bathroom
  • More storage space
  • Additional counter space
  • Limitless design choices


If you’re planning to remodel your entire bathroom, including the floor, you won’t regret installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating isn’t as expensive as you think and is another easy way to upgrade your home. In addition, underfloor heating is very low-cost compared to long-established central heating.

Here’s Why You Should Have Underfloor Heating

  • Heated bathroom tiles add a heat source
  • Greatly upgraded air quality
  • Reduce your monthly utility bills
  • Maintain a modern touched floor

One of the most rewarding parts about owning a home is making changes to truly make it feel like your own. Remodeling your bathroom can make a big impact on how we live at home, and trends in home renovation can influence home design for years to come. So to achieve your bathroom remodel goals, hire an effective contractor to do the job for you. 

Hiring a general contractor can mean the difference between an exhausting, annoying waste of time and a stress-free remodeling experience and other large residential projects. They make sure that the work is finished on time and within budget. They contract and manage subcontractors, obtain permits, purchase materials, and handle liability and warranty issues.

But before hiring someone, it’s equally important to make sure they’re nearby. Contractors in your area can negotiate better prices for materials and labor, source materials locally, and are usually aware of your local regulations. When hiring local contractors, there are often well-known references available that give a clear picture of the contractor’s skills, work ethic, and professionalism. And most importantly, you know exactly where to find them. Seek help online to find a contractor near your area.