Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Installing a Handheld Shower Head

As a homeowner, upgrading your bathroom can give you a new sense of relaxation and comfort. A simple upgrade in your old shower head can provide numerous benefits you may have yet to consider. One of these easy-to-install options is a handheld shower head. Fixed shower heads have been the norm for many years, but handheld ones have become increasingly popular with technological advances. Introducing handheld shower heads in the bathroom allows users to control the water pressure and temperature, among other features.


In this article, we will discuss what a handheld shower head is, how it differs from other shower heads, and the various advantages it may provide. Continue reading to discover the benefits of installing a handheld shower head for every homeowner.

What is a Handheld Shower Head?

A handheld shower head is a bathroom fixture attached to a flexible hose that you can disconnect from its permanent place on the wall, enabling you to quickly wash your hair or even your pets while controlling the direction of the water. Handheld shower heads come in various styles, from basic models to luxurious ones with massage features and different spray patterns. It also comprises several components, including the handheld shower wand, hose, shower arm bracket, hose connector, diverter valve, flow control valve, spray settings, and anti-clog nozzles. Understanding each component’s purpose can help you choose a shower head that meets specific needs and preferences.

What Differentiates a Handheld Shower Head From Other Traditional Shower Heads?

The main difference between handheld and traditional fixed shower heads is their design and functionality. Here are some of the key differences and benefits:


Depending on the user’s demands, a handheld shower head makes it simple to direct the water’s spray to various body parts. It is simpler to clean areas like the back or feet when holding the shower head in the hand. It guides the water where users want it to go making it easier to rinse off soap and shampoo. The handheld shower head has a flexible hose that allows you to hold the handle in your hand and move the spray to reach various areas of the shower or bathtub.

In contrast to handheld shower heads, traditional ones are usually fitted on the wall or ceiling and are immovable. It limits flexibility and control since it requires the user to stand in a spot when taking a bath.

Elegant Design

The difference between a handheld shower head and a traditional one depends on personal taste and the bathroom’s design. Both types of shower heads have their design features and advantages. Handheld shower heads often come in a wide range of elegant and stylish designs. They offer more variety in shapes, finishes, and materials, allowing residents to choose a handheld shower head that complements the bathroom decor. You can get a handheld shower head that matches your preferences, whether you want a sleek and contemporary design or a more classic and ornate style. 


While traditional shower heads are known for their simplicity and minimalistic design, they often have a clean, streamlined look that can blend well with various bathroom styles. Conventional shower heads are typically fixed to the wall or ceiling, creating a neat, unobtrusive appearance.


Some homeowners may prefer the versatility and visual appeal of a handheld shower head, while others may appreciate the simplicity and seamless integration of a traditional shower head. But choosing a design is straightforward; it should align with the overall bathroom theme and enhance the washroom space’s visual appeal.

Ease in Cleaning

Cleaning the shower head can be difficult as, over time, it builds up scum, mineral deposits, and molds. Since handheld shower heads offer great flexibility than traditional ones, it lowers the risk of this dirt clogging the shower head. Remarkable changes in your daily shower habit will be observed, too, like the overall cleanliness of the body. For elderly individuals, a handheld shower head can help them reach all areas of their body without discomfort or awkward twisting.


Children are generally messy and hard to wash, and pets are tough to groom, but a handheld shower head can make the job easier by directing the water stream to specific areas of the body. Total control of the shower head is helpful for kids and pets that need regular bathing, especially dogs with skin allergies or cats prone to matting. Still, a handheld shower head can make it easier for parents to direct the water stream where it’s needed most, especially when washing long hair or cleaning hard-to-reach places. 


Leaning with a traditional shower head can be more challenging since you are limited to a fixed spray pattern mounted on the wall or ceiling. This fixed position can restrict access to specific body areas and release water from one spot. You must stand under them to get wet and stay there for the shower. For a more extensive guide on properly preserving your bathroom, check our blog on Maintaining a Bathroom Shower.

Water Conservation

It is fundamental to note that individual water consumption habits can influence overall water conservation. Handheld shower heads offer features and functionalities that encourage water-saving practices. It controls the water flow, which substantially helps save water, and it also helps conserve energy by reducing water consumption. 


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) observed that utilizing a low-flow nozzle and employing targeted cleaning can significantly reduce up to 2,700 gallons of water annually for an average family of four. Using a handheld shower head, homeowners can substantially reduce water consumption compared to a traditional one.

5 Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Handheld Shower Head

Water pressure

A high-pressure handheld shower head is a great choice. It gives a spa-like experience every time you take a shower. If you’ve got high water pressure, go for a shower head with a lower flow rate to save water. There are also shower head types that have high-pressure settings. It compensates for the low water pressure setting that you have. Look for a model with a power-spray setting or a massage model to increase the water flow.

Hose length

Longer hose length offers additional flexibility in the shower. Hitting the right spots will be effortless, especially if you enjoy bathing in a sitting position; 5-6 feet long will be enough for most people. In addition to the length, durability is also paramount. Indications of a high-quality hose are not kinky and possess great flexibility.

Spray patterns

Different spray patterns on handheld shower heads can affect water use, coverage, and pressure level. Some shower heads have one spray pattern, while others offer multiple settings like massage, mist, and rain. Each spray pattern has a massage setting that can soothe sore muscles during the and a gentler and more relaxing experience. 


Having a shower head with multiple spray patterns can give you more options and customize your shower experience. If you have kids or pets, consider a gentler mist. If you have mobility issues, a more vigorous spray-like massage can give you a more refreshing and satisfying shower.


Attaching filters to the handheld shower head is a wise choice. These attachments filter out sediments, chlorine, and even heavy metals from the water source, and nobody wants these things while taking a shower; some people experience irritations and make their skin and hair dry. Remember to clean your filters and remove the mineral buildups that can clog the nozzles and block the water flow.


Shower heads made from brass, stainless steel, or rigid plastic are considered high quality. These durable materials ensure longevity with little upkeep, consistent water pressure, resist corrosion and mineral buildup, and enhance the fixture’s performance. By choosing a durable handheld shower head, you can have a reliable and enjoyable showering experience while avoiding frequent replacements and potential issues in the future.

Improve Your Shower Today With a Handheld Shower Head!

Installing a handheld shower head offers numerous benefits to homeowners. It provides flexibility, elegant design options, ease of cleaning, water conservation, and better control for specific user groups. Upgrading to this fixture can transform your showering routine, making it more enjoyable, efficient, and personalized. Consider the features and benefits discussed in this article to make an informed decision when choosing a handheld shower head for your bathroom upgrade. It’s a simple process that most homeowners can handle, but if you need help, call a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor. Contact FAC Remodeling for professional service and get your bathroom the best care possible.