Kitchen Forecast: Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

Kitchen lovers! Are you ready to go aboard on a journey into the future and give your kitchen a fashionable upgrade? Well, hold onto your hats and brace yourselves because we’ve got to explore the kitchen design trends that will dominate in 2023. Prepare yourself for a wave of innovation, functionality, and, of course, style.

What is the new kitchen design for 2023?

Bold colors, eco-friendly materials, smart technology, and natural kitchen designs are stepping up in the top kitchen trends for 2023 [1].  This 2023 is all about bold and moody hues. Plain white kitchens are going out of style, deep blues, rich greens, and even elegant black is the new trend. Natural sustainable materials such as bamboo countertops, reclaimed wood cabinets, and recycled glass backsplashes are now stepping up. 

Open-concept kitchens are still the way to go but with a twist. Instead of wide-open space, designers are now incorporating zones in the kitchen. Smart technology is also taking over the kitchens in 2023. Innovative technologies such as smart refrigerators and voice-activated faucets are now the top choices that make our kitchens more convenient and efficient. Designers of 2023 also use hidden compartments, pull-out shelves, and built-in organizers to keep kitchens organized. Oversized pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting are getting more popular in setting ambiance and providing functionality to kitchen spaces.

What are the top homeowners’ choices in kitchen designs in 2023?

According to a kitchen trend survey conducted by Houzz [2], 92% of homeowners prefer incorporating sustainable features into their kitchens, such as LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances. In cabinet style, 72% of homeowners prefer bar pulls for their cabinets. White cabinets remain popular as it is still the choice of 40% of homeowners. Recessed lights are getting popular; they have become the choice of 72% of homeowners. 51% of homeowners choose to install faucets with high-tech features. Lastly, 84% of homeowners prefer to work with professionals for their remodeling projects.

What colors for kitchen remodel 2023?

As the kitchen serves as the heart of a home, picking the right kitchen color has been very important. Kitchen color sets the overall look and feel of the space. Colors create psychological effects on our moods and emotions [3][4]. Colors reflect light, and it can also impact your kitchen. Light colors give a room a more spacious feel, while dark colors create a cozier feeling and make a space smaller. Colors also compliment the other elements of the kitchen and, of course, add to the resale value of your home [5]. 

What are the top Kitchen Colors for 2023?


Yellow shades give vibrant sunshine vibes to your kitchens. This color brings the feelings of joy and sunny summer days to our kitchen walls. Its uplifting color brings a heritage feel into our kitchen spaces [8].


Choosing the right shade of red for our kitchen walls can be tricky. Red [9] is a color that never gets dated and adds instant warmth and coziness to our kitchens.


Integrating two colors in your kitchen is also a great idea. Color combinations can also double the design impact [10].


Green shades [11] bring the feeling of freshness into your kitchens. The classic and timeless style can fit well into our kitchen spaces. 


Pink kitchens are now getting into the trends. Pink shades [12] bring joy and uplift the mood of a space. Its playful and feminine vibe brings a hit of personality. 


Blue and black shades bring power into spaces that enhance our well-being. It offers emotional content that is nurturing and soothing and adds serenity to our kitchen spaces.

The color of your kitchen impacts your home’s overall beauty, mood, functionality, and value. It is an essential consideration for homeowners and a difficult decision to make. Take time to choose the right color; it can help create a kitchen you will love and enjoy for years.

What kitchen cabinets are in for 2023?

Indeed, kitchen cabinets are meant for valuable storage; however, they also plays a significant role in the overall design of your kitchen. Here is the kitchen cabinets trend for 2023: 

1. Minimalistic Design

In recent years, there has been a shift towards minimalistic and clutter-free designs. This trend will stay on top in 2023. Think sleek, handleless cabinets that seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. It focuses more on functionality and efficiency without compromising the style and design of your kitchen.

2. Bold Colors

While neutral tones have been dominant for quite a while, 2023 will see a rise in bold and vibrant colors for kitchen cabinets. From deep blues and greens to rich yellows and reds, homeowners are leaning towards injecting personality and vibrancy into their kitchen spaces. These bold colors help to make a strong design statement.

3. Two-Toned Cabinets

Gone are the days when matching colors reigned supreme. In 2023, two-toned cabinets will be the talk of the town. Combining contrasting colors or finishes in your kitchen cabinets adds depth and visual interest to your kitchen space. For example, you could have upper cabinets in a light wood tone and lower cabinets in a bold, dark color. Color combinations generate a striking visual contrast that adds character to your kitchen.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving has been a popular trend since then, even up to this year, 2023. Displaying your dishware and accessories is a great way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen. Open shelving combined with traditional closed cabinets can create a balanced and visually appealing look. It’s one of the most practical ways to keep your items within easy reach.

5. Integrated Appliances

Sleek and seamless integration is the trend when it comes to kitchen appliances. In 2023, expect to see more kitchen cabinets designed with built-in appliances in mind. Kitchen refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and microwave cabinets will be specially crafted to accommodate these appliances effortlessly. This integration creates a cohesive, streamlined look, elevating your kitchen’s overall beauty.

What are the trending kitchen cabinet designs for 2023?

Picking the right cabinet style and colors is critical for homeowners. Deciding on this factor can be overwhelming because of the countless options available. Considering the style and color that will complement other kitchen elements and stand over time is important. Don’t worry, we have the top trending cabinet styles recommendations for you.

Dark-stained woods for cabinets are getting back to style. It counterbalances all saturated colors in our kitchens and gives classic old looks. Stained-glass panel cabinets that add much elegance to kitchens are also getting popular. Two-toned cabinets also became a top choice of kitchen designers as they add a touch of personality while giving debts and variations to kitchen spaces. Special hardware cabinets are best for amplifying your kitchen style and making it more unique. Classic designs are now the trend, so cabinets with traditional details are becoming popular. The mix of light and dark finishes of cabinets with traditional elements gives a bright and eclectic space to your kitchens. Many homeowners are also getting fond of using bold colors for their kitchens. Bold colors give kitchen spaces a timeless appearance.

What innovative appliances trends for kitchen in 2023?

Technology puts much attention on innovating kitchen appliances [13]. Kitchens of 2023 are now filled with high-tech gadgets and accessories that give much convenience and functionality. One of the most known innovations in kitchen technology is the emergence of smart refrigerators connected to Wi-Fi; it helps track groceries and navigate recipes. Smart ovens, made with built-in sensors and voice command features, are now assisting homeowners in cooking with perfection. Handless faucets with temperature control can be seen everywhere. Cooking has also been made convenient by air-fryers with Bluetooth connectivity. Coffee making is now seamless because of the help of innovative coffee makers that can be controlled by an app and schedule brewing. 

Are there any eco-friendly kitchen trends I should be aware of for 2023?

Sustainability is the new trend [14]. Eco-friendly appliances are sustainable. They are designed to minimize harmful impact in the environment. 92% of homeowners incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials into their kitchen. 65% of homeowners choose energy-efficient LED lights for their kitchens. Energy-efficient appliances are the choice of 61% of homeowners are also available. High-tech faucets also helped reduce germ spread and became the choice of 51% of homeowners. Energy-efficient windows are also an eco-friendly choice for 27% of homeowners.


Homeowners now prefer sustainability, innovative technology, minimalist, and more natural kitchen designs. This year’s trend focuses on creating functional and efficient spaces catering to every homeowner’s changing needs and lifestyle. Kitchens of 2023 is a blend of style and substance.

The future of our kitchens is now getting more exciting, classy, and efficient. Kitchen designs and technology keep on innovating. From trending kitchen styles and colors to eco-friendly and energy-efficient choices, we can have it for you. Keep getting updated with the latest trends with FAC Remodeling Services. We are right next door to help you create your dream kitchen space.


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