What I Wish I Knew Before Remodeling My Kitchen

Wise homeowners think much before diving into remodeling. Kitchen remodeling has a few considerations [1] to keep in mind. It would be best to examine your kitchen’s existing layout and functionality. It is also essential to think about the budget and timeline for the project. Of course, the guidance of a professional is a game changer. You must research where to find a reputable contractor to help you build the kitchen of your dreams in its best quality and functionality. Securing necessary permits and inspections is a must. Finally, kitchen remodeling takes time to finish, so it is vital to make a backup plan for meals and food preparation. 

How much does a kitchen remodel typically cost?

Kitchen remodeling can be pretty pricey, but it has been an excellent move for homeowners who want to add value to their homes. Including all the materials, fixtures, and labor, kitchen remodeling can run at an average cost [2] of $12,000 to $60,500. Remember, the overall cost of kitchen remodeling will vary on several factors, including the size of your kitchen and the extent of your remodel.

What permits and licenses are required for a kitchen remodel?

kitchen remodeling. Obtaining these permits also takes time and cost, so you should consider these in your project budget and timeline. Here are some remodeling permit tips [4] for you:

  1. Research your state and local permit requirements ahead of time.
  2. Secure the necessary permits as early as possible to avoid delays. 
  3. Consult a professional contractor to help you identify the permits needed for the project.
  4. Feel free to address permit-related concerns with your local permit office to avoid rejected permits.

Do we need a permit for kitchen remodeling? 

Permits are necessary to ensure the safety of the remodeling process. However, not all changes in your kitchen require a permit [5]. Projects like painting, refacing, or installing new cabinets, changing your flooring, painting the kitchen walls, and installing new appliances don’t require permits. It is essential to consult with a professional contractor to further help you with the permits needed for the project. 

How can I maximize storage space in my remodeled kitchen?

One of the essential features of a functional kitchen is storage space. Having enough storage space keeps your kitchen clean and organized. 43% [6] of homeowners choose an open-concept floor plan for their kitchen to open their kitchen space. The key to maximizing your kitchen storage is to think creatively about making the most of every inch of your kitchen. Here are five kitchen renovations [7] that can help you maximize your storage space: 

  • Add more cabinets 

Adding more cabinets, such as corner cabinets, will help you expand your storage space. Consider adding corner cabinets to maximize your kitchen space. 

  • Install Shelves 

A practical way of adding more storage is to install shelves. Open shelves are perfect for storing dishes, spices, and knives. Installing shelves along the corners of your kitchen, above the sink, or along the walls are great options to maximize kitchen space. 

  1. Utilize the space under the cabinets.

Spaces under the cabinets are usually used sparingly. These spaces can be excellent areas for drawers and organizers for storing silverware. 

  • Use the space of your ceiling. 

You can also use your ceiling for storage. It is perfect for pots and pan racks. Ceiling racks also allow you to display your pot collection without taking up much space inside your cabinets. 

  • Add a kitchen island.

Aside from an additional kitchen counter, the kitchen island also offers additional drawers and cabinets to store pans, pots, and dishes. The kitchen island also serves as an excellent space for dining.

What are some popular kitchen design trends?

Beyond aesthetics, kitchen design makes your kitchen functional, comfortable, and inviting. The more trendy the invention, the more value it can add to our homes. Here are the kitchen design trends in 2023 [8]: 

  • Light-Filled Kitchens

Kitchen design trends are moving towards lighter and brighter spaces. Homeowners are now switching to huge windows, reflective matte materials, and soft hues to optimize the light in their kitchens.

  • Organic, Eco-Friendly Designs

Organic and eco-friendly designs are also becoming famous due to their natural style and sustainable materials.

  • Open Shelves 

Open shelves are one of the top choices as they maximize space, making your kitchen clutter-free and visually spacious.

  • Two-toned, Multi-Material Kitchen

Homeowners and designers are now a fan of creating multi-material kitchens. The contrast of different materials makes a kitchen more visually and texturally appealing.

 Whether planning for a full-scale remodel or a simple kitchen update, your kitchen design can make a difference in your living experience. 

How long does a kitchen remodel usually take?

The duration [9] of kitchen remodeling varies depending on the extent of the project. Generally, small-scale kitchen remodels might last about four to eight weeks to complete; medium-scale kitchen remodels take eight to ten weeks, while large-scale remodels may take up to five to six months. Designing your remodel may take one to two weeks; securing your contractor might last one to three weeks. It might also take two to four weeks to obtain permits and source your materials. Demolition will only last for days, but the construction might last three to six weeks. The installation of appliances can also take a week to finish. Lastly, a day or a few weeks is enough for the cleanup and final fixes.

Kitchen remodeling is both a challenging and a rewarding process. Making your dream kitchen a reality takes much planning, effort, and decision-making. Luckily, we have professionals who can help us in the whole process of your kitchen remodel. Their experience and expertise will ensure the quality of our kitchens and secure the success of your remodeling project.

Remember, professionals are your partners. You can have your certified remodeling partners at FAC Remodeling Services. We will help you have a smooth, faster, quality, and budget-friendly remodeling process. We are a group of skilled, experienced, and certified professionals who are always ready to bring out the best in your kitchen. Contact FAC Remodeling Services now! 


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